martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Rage against the Government

For many years the education in Chile to have manipulate for private enterprise, the politics and the financing has been manipulate for the market, the authority of the State Universities in Chile yet don’t have the same influence that in another times.
The Strike was carry out for the student because the “situation” of share-out of the financing to the high education. The government want distribute the financing in equals parts among all the Universities including the private Universities. This politics of this fascist government have prompted the anger and rage at the students of the Public Universities.
The form to fight of clean form this injustice for the government is call at strike, the student’s union call to strike and the student responded to the appeal, join the strike.
In the streets of Santiago the people see to the students march in a pacific attitude, the citizens listen to the howl of the voices of the students of the Town Planning Faculty, Law’s Faculty and Economy and Business Faculty, united for a one reason, “The Education Free and Free of cost”.
Regrettable the police in my country attack to your own people, at her own students. Is terrible how the policeman hit at the poor students, throw they tear gas, inclusive they throw pellet at the students, this is very sad. The form in that the government treats at the students, develops shock in the citizens and in the media.

This education makes me sadness.