martes, 24 de agosto de 2010


On March 27, 2009 In the Pista Atletica of Estadio Nacional, tha British band of alternative rock Radiohead played for first time in Chile, with the Pista full of people, this band played their best songs.

I enjoyed the concert, perhaps this was the best concert of my life, the mistic what was developed in the stadium was wonderful, the night are perfect, the song and the acustic of the Pista Atletica was successful, without caring about the price of the expensive ticket. In this ocassion I went with my friend Karla in the show I found with a lot of people, of the university, old friends, etc.

In the concert the people was euforic just before that Radiohead played, when Radiohead came on stage the enviroment was converted in a pacific wave of people. The music calm the beast and also to the masses.

The concert start with the song Creed, and the people put themselves in a state of total ecstasy.

Then songs like "Karma Police", "National Anathem", "Paranoid Android" and many more, revolutionizing the atmosphere surrounding the audience. The music of radiohead was capable of transporting fans to another planet, a planet more calm and relaxed. The other music of Radiohead, the music more electronic is very weird, the ritm are strange, for example the song "Piramid Song", are very sad.

I decided go to the concert of radiohead, because this is one of the bands that I wanted to see live before I die, for my good lucky I saw, now I can rest in peace.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse....

This is a title of a movie of Fernando Arrabal, this is a crazy movie, but you would imagine at someone walk or run to nowhere, without course, as Forest Gump. I walk many times, for many places but I never went to walk to nowhere. Sometimes I feel hunger to go run to without course, without think, without clothes, free of weigth of the world.

Walk for miles and miles of kilometres, without knowing people, alone... this is interesting for my because I would serve to know me, my problems, my likes, all of my... but I need that all be a part of my.

My biggest fear is that I will never again come back of this trip, maybe I not lost , not in the trip, maybe I lost inside my. This will be a internal trip, the risk are my internal fears and my darkest feelings. For make this trip the only thing that I need is the desire that wake up my wish to run, is free, easy, good for my health, only I have to have the desire.

As they say the Iron Maiden... Run to the hills, run for your life... run, It's what excites me, move my body without rules, looking at a single point, looking at the horizont, feel the air in my face without anything matter.

In this moments I have wanted to run, my legs are shakings, my heart are beating very fast, I feel the adranaline... my body are rolling now feel crazy in the same way that a crazy horse, I will walk like a crazy horse.