martes, 16 de noviembre de 2010

The Soho District

I will like visit in a future the city of London, specially the Soho Neighborhood in the West End of London, is an entertainment district.
In the past this district had bad reputation for the sex shops, night life and film industry. But in the 80s, the area has undergone big transformation. It now is predominantly a fashionable district of upmarket restaurants and media offices, with only a small remnant of "sex industry" venues in the west.
When I going to this part I will like drink in a pub or listen music in the legendary Marquee Club, where the Rolling Stones play for first time. I will really like stay in this site for enjoy the bohemia and the night life at the London way.

martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Guns of my Imagination

When I was a Child, I played many games alone and with my little friends, but I preffer played alone... When I was a Child had much imagination, I dreamed with I was a soldier and fought with monster of anything that my brain imagined.
The name of my game could called of different ways but I prefer called “Play with Guns”... I was a very warlike when was a little boy. I like played with differents guns but I like more the guns with many light and sounds of war. The game consisted in shoot at differents targets “imaginary targets”.
I like the too much the movies and when I was a child I saw many “Spaghetti western movies” with my father, I belive that this pictures influenced me. Even now I like this movies, I like Clint Eastwood acts.
I don´t remember how often I played at guns (toy guns...jajajaja!) but I have a several memories of when I had five years, memories of my played with space weapons. I had two weapons with ligths and sounds, space sounds and red ligths. I remember too that I have a bad dog, this dog bit at everything that moved, once upon came to my house a little chicken and my bad dog bit the neck of the chicken and the chicken die. Then went into my house and take the black gun (I remember that was a black revolver, like Clint Eastwood) and shoot many time at the insane dog, and this die...(In my imagination).
My mother told me a few years ago that this dog died poisoned.

martes, 2 de noviembre de 2010

Victor Jara

A great Chilean not only have to be a soldier or a saint, a great Chilean must move the conscience of the people, to make that the people know your culture and through himself can spread how the mass media us hide.
My greatest Chilean was called Víctor Lidio Jara Martínez “Victor Jara”, He was a Chilean teacher, theatre director, poet, singer-songwriter, political activist and member of the Communist Party of Chile. But inside of your facets, I prefer Poet and Singer-Songwriter.
Their songs speak about the Chilean people, the poor worker, of the farmer life, the human rights, of the sky, sea and earth. In Short, this man sang at the life. Victor Jara was deeply influenced by the folklore of Latin American and artist like Violeta Parra and poets like Pablo Neruda. Some of his most renowned songs are Plegaria a un Labrador and Te Recuerdo Amanda, but I prefer the song “Luchin” because this song make me remember in a certain way my own infancy.
Victor was grateful in all the world for your songs, even actually groups of music as Rage Against The Machine quote at Victor in your own songs, in fact greatest group as The Clash that quote… “Washington Bullets” –“Please remember Victor Jara in the Santiago Stadium”…
“Remember Victor Jara” this is the battle cry of many young in the actually, because the word of Victor is still in the conscience of people, the working class. Perhaps was the form in that he died, the form in that him silence… I don’t it know, but his legacy transcend for many generations whereas have social consciousness.

martes, 26 de octubre de 2010

Comic Book Salesman!!

The best job that I have always wanted is be is attend a comic book store, imagine all the day between of comics, mangas, movies and merchandising about the world of comics book, maybe great.

Science fiction like me, all about of the future is amazing and the comic book show histories related with the Sci-fi. Another thing for that I will like work in a comic book store is the art of these. I like the draws, the design of these are a real piece of art. I like the artists that draw cyborgs and humanoids, histories apocalyptics about the end of the earth, I enjoy seeing them and I would enjoy selling too, I hope!

I will stay very satisfied, I would have to be the most insane young man in the all the world for doesn´t be satisfied with work how a salesman in a comic book store. Not all the comic likes me, I like the art of French, Japanese and American comic makers. Of the Japanese artist I like some titles and comic makers, for example comics (mangas) of Osamu Tezuka (Astro Boy), Mamoru Oshii (Ghost in the Shell), Hayao Miyazaki (Mononoke Hime), Katsuhiro Otomo (Akira). American Comis maker famous are Todd McFarlane (Spawn) and Frank Miller (300). And a great artist of comic French are Moebius (El Incal, feat. Alejandro Jodorowsky as a script writer).

In short I will stay very happy work in a comic book store, I work out paid only for read all the comic in the store!

martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

An interview with God.

I ever had wish speak with the creator of all, the architect of life, of the good and bad, Alfa and Omega, the begin and the end. Well, I like know him because since ever I have had the dude about how all begin. May he be a giant, a colossus or maybe he is a luminous cloud, who knows!?

I would like talk with he about of how created the universe, animals, trees, water and the stupid humans. Really I don´t believe that he has created all. I don´t trust in his history, I think that all about of he is a lie, for that I´d like to meet. It would be nice to know for clarify the entire true.

Also I must asking about think him about different topics, something like the Palestine’s, Hinduism, Buddhism, that is what he thinks about the war, pedophilic popes and topics relations with a world that no need a good for live.

And if really God exist, the form to see the world and the others change? The form of relationships into others religions change too? In fact, the giant wars in the history of the humanity will be produce for the religion. Will God an illusion of all us for forget how we have made our own world?

What more interesting that knows that our creator in fact is an invention of ourselves, I think that make an interview at God is very crazy and insane, but will be the best form to know the unknown thinks by the most important person for almost all the religions in the world and other universes.

martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

A Perfect Day

A perfect day must be a day with:

Music: "The music calm at the beast", every good day may be a daily soundtrack, that change with the own behavior. For example in my case when I wake up listen a energy music, as "Queens Of The Stone Age" or "Rage Againts The Machine"...this bands make me wake up very fast.

Food: "Stomach full, happy hearth", A good breakfast for start the the day is very important, a good lunch for the middle day and for finish the day a filling dinner is the way for stay happy all the day... at least like this I will be happy!

Environment: The world is a never-ending spiral, is my responsibility make a change and left behind the things that make me bad, the world is dirt and the people that live on it is worst... this topic make reference at go to a place free of the human dirt (not only this, as well the lie, cynic, hostility...).

Love: “Love is free, free is love” and ...”All you need is Love” ♫♫♫...The song of The Beatles explain all...

Friends: For make the day more happy, that's what friends are for. They convert the sad days in happy days they are fundamental in a perfect day, with they I can have all the thing that said previously.

Family: They understand the thing that I say, don’t turn away from me, my family is the core of my perfect day... depend of they and me, that my day are perfect.

I :@ Santiago

The place that a foreign should visit in this city are the big parks, for example the San Borja Park, this is a quiet place, and it is much hidden. Also are the Forestal Park, it is a crowded place and it is a busy place, but is very typical in this city.

Another place for visit in Santiago is the Santa Lucia and San Cristobal hills, walk for this surroundings, visit the square in the Santa Lucia summit or visit the zoo in the San Cristobal hill, go to the zoo for the elevator and then go up to the virgin in the summit. In this place looks wonderful city.


- LASTARRIAS WAY: This is a characteristic place with many coffee shops, a cinema, museums and shops of rare clothes.

- MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES: This is a beautiful place for know the plastic arts of Chileans artistic and this museum are in the Forestal park, another place that should visit.

- MERCADO CENTRAL: In this place the foreign will found very places to eat typical sea food and places to get drunk.

- PLAZA DE ARMAS: Any tourist must visit the principal square of any town... 

- LAS PIPAS: This is the place wherein make the best Terremoto in Santiago, all wasted tourist must visit.

Santiago have many places to visit, many places, but this place are the most typical and probably when I visit other country will go to the same places.

The economy of the Second-hand...!

For my shopping life is sickening, I cannot stand stay in a mall or anything that it seem. Have too much people and make me suffocate, lamentably I don't like be in close places with much people. Therefore I don´t like go to shop. I meet that is better go to shopping in places more quiet, for example the shops in the downtown of Santiago, there are too many shops of second-hand clothes, to my too I like the second-hand clothes.

I like for the models of the clothes, are exclusive and nothing in the street that going to use the same clothes like me, I don´t go too often to buy clothes, I go principally in March when arrive the winter clothes season. Last march I bought a thermal pant, are very cheap.

I me too buy clothes in a mall, but is very strange, in the malls only buy shoes or electronic articles, seeing that they have warranty. My last three t-shirt buy then in a second-hand clothes, his design are unique and have a beautiful colors, of the cost don’t have nothing to discuss, five thousand cost me.

Sometimes I go to the Persa Bio-Bio to buy rare books and parts of computer, in this place can buy many thing, rare things and inclusive animals. The cost is handled with the seller, this is very good, both are happy. In this form the price can be very low and I can carry more things. Y like buy in this form.


Fiestas Patrias....many activities!

Many things I did in the Fiestas Patrias, in short, only tell us of my journey to "Maitencillo" in the "Cajón de maipo". This journey I did it with my pretty family and some familiars, we wake up early in the morning and every family went in their own cars, in form of caravan.

In this place we made a barbecue, the meat was very good, meanwhile with my cousin went to the river, their call “El Colorado", this is a pretty river bur is very rapid and dangerous. The rest of the day I stayed in the sector of camping ate meat and listened folk music, in the evening we played football against other family that was there, the match was very fought, inclusive with familiars injured, the match was at death...literally!

The day was amazing, long time ago that I don´t went with my family, I remember the days in my infancy, this days in that all my family go out to the many places together. 

This is perhaps the most important festivities in the year and the last century; because in this year Chile has a birthday, Two hundred years are not meet every year.

All the country celebrate the bicentenary of the Republic of Chile, with many parties along of the country and a lot of cuts of ribbon, always is politics in this country, the President Piraña only dedicated in this days to make speeches. In these days I turn off the TV, I was dedicated to live the real bicentenary, enjoy with the family in a typical natural place of Santiago.   

martes, 7 de septiembre de 2010

Rage against the Government

For many years the education in Chile to have manipulate for private enterprise, the politics and the financing has been manipulate for the market, the authority of the State Universities in Chile yet don’t have the same influence that in another times.
The Strike was carry out for the student because the “situation” of share-out of the financing to the high education. The government want distribute the financing in equals parts among all the Universities including the private Universities. This politics of this fascist government have prompted the anger and rage at the students of the Public Universities.
The form to fight of clean form this injustice for the government is call at strike, the student’s union call to strike and the student responded to the appeal, join the strike.
In the streets of Santiago the people see to the students march in a pacific attitude, the citizens listen to the howl of the voices of the students of the Town Planning Faculty, Law’s Faculty and Economy and Business Faculty, united for a one reason, “The Education Free and Free of cost”.
Regrettable the police in my country attack to your own people, at her own students. Is terrible how the policeman hit at the poor students, throw they tear gas, inclusive they throw pellet at the students, this is very sad. The form in that the government treats at the students, develops shock in the citizens and in the media.

This education makes me sadness.

martes, 24 de agosto de 2010


On March 27, 2009 In the Pista Atletica of Estadio Nacional, tha British band of alternative rock Radiohead played for first time in Chile, with the Pista full of people, this band played their best songs.

I enjoyed the concert, perhaps this was the best concert of my life, the mistic what was developed in the stadium was wonderful, the night are perfect, the song and the acustic of the Pista Atletica was successful, without caring about the price of the expensive ticket. In this ocassion I went with my friend Karla in the show I found with a lot of people, of the university, old friends, etc.

In the concert the people was euforic just before that Radiohead played, when Radiohead came on stage the enviroment was converted in a pacific wave of people. The music calm the beast and also to the masses.

The concert start with the song Creed, and the people put themselves in a state of total ecstasy.

Then songs like "Karma Police", "National Anathem", "Paranoid Android" and many more, revolutionizing the atmosphere surrounding the audience. The music of radiohead was capable of transporting fans to another planet, a planet more calm and relaxed. The other music of Radiohead, the music more electronic is very weird, the ritm are strange, for example the song "Piramid Song", are very sad.

I decided go to the concert of radiohead, because this is one of the bands that I wanted to see live before I die, for my good lucky I saw, now I can rest in peace.

martes, 17 de agosto de 2010

I Will Walk Like a Crazy Horse....

This is a title of a movie of Fernando Arrabal, this is a crazy movie, but you would imagine at someone walk or run to nowhere, without course, as Forest Gump. I walk many times, for many places but I never went to walk to nowhere. Sometimes I feel hunger to go run to without course, without think, without clothes, free of weigth of the world.

Walk for miles and miles of kilometres, without knowing people, alone... this is interesting for my because I would serve to know me, my problems, my likes, all of my... but I need that all be a part of my.

My biggest fear is that I will never again come back of this trip, maybe I not lost , not in the trip, maybe I lost inside my. This will be a internal trip, the risk are my internal fears and my darkest feelings. For make this trip the only thing that I need is the desire that wake up my wish to run, is free, easy, good for my health, only I have to have the desire.

As they say the Iron Maiden... Run to the hills, run for your life... run, It's what excites me, move my body without rules, looking at a single point, looking at the horizont, feel the air in my face without anything matter.

In this moments I have wanted to run, my legs are shakings, my heart are beating very fast, I feel the adranaline... my body are rolling now feel crazy in the same way that a crazy horse, I will walk like a crazy horse.

miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

I see the Chilean flag in the African sky, I see the reddest red shirts.

Today is a great day, today is the day in that Chile won his first match in a world cup at least almost a half century ago.

Today I waked up very early, at half past six at morning. I did a good breakfast. I saw the match with my little sister, she too did a breakfast for her. At seven half, the match started.

In the beginning Chile was more to Honduras, the collective play work very well, the pass between the players was great, the kick goal was amazing. Although in the first time the game of the "Roja" was very nervious, be seen on the form in that gave the passes, was much desperate and the players were eager to score a goal. For my the nerves demonstrated by the players was a most worst in the match.

The best player are "the wonder boy", Alexis Sanchez, he is the best player of this moment in Chile, but perhaps in a few days more he would be a best football player in the world, especially if we win the World Cup.

The worst played of this match was.................mmmm nothing!!! akjakja.

Not, I have to be critical, the worst played in the football team of Chile, was Millar, this participation was very poor, his change Jara, was better than Millar.

And finally, Chile should be a World Cup Champion because this football team have a football of quality and have the most important, the support and confidence of an entire people.

And long live Chile!!!

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

THE GANJAS........A cool band!!!!!

In the last months I dedicate so much time of "my time of music" to listen a band call " The Ganjas" they are chilean and this music is very cool.

They play a unique rhythm, is as psychodelic rock as Pink Floyd with a mixture of alternative rock, their guitar sound strong, their bass are very rhythmic and their drums are very sticky.

I like a song call "Sonic Rendemption" and "Trip in the Eye". And the only song in Spanish call "Frio ni Calor".... is a good song.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

My best holiday

One of the best vacations I've had has been the trip to the region of Aysen, Patagonia is beautiful, its forests, lakes, clean air, glaciers, people, everything is very nice.

I went for vacation in February of 2009, visit many towns, but with which I want to stay is with Rio Tranquilo, in this town, this one of the most beautiful natural wonders of nature, marble caves, are the attraction is more precious than the General Carrera Lake.

To go to the caves is to take a boat leaving from the cove of the village, the village is small, only a couple of streets and wooden houses in the middle of town is a place that is very cute and a wooden church , makes you want to live there forever.

The caves are accompanied by the calypso-colored water, and these are reflected in the walls of the caves, is a spectacle. Go by boat to the caves is dangerous after noon as the wind flows from the glaciers that surround the lake, the return trip is quite a journey but worth it !!!!!

I do not know all Chile, but I think it's impossible for someone who engages in it, but I think the marble caves are one of the most beautiful places in Chile.

Economic Geography

This is the theme that I liked geography, are taught four semesters and two teachers, Francisco Morales and Juan Espinoza.

While economics is a broad social science, geography specifies all issues related to the environment and how to get more profits from natural resource extraction, but in a sustainable manner. At first cost me understand how it operates geography, but with time and the proper study I realized that science is capable of generating a lot of analysis with classical geography can not be done, you can even look up the movement and human capital flows in space.

Can quantitatively analyze many things, but the fun of this is that social science from qualitative data can be generated mathematically quantifiable data can be analyzed graphs with information of what they value people and express them in numbers to give a value to the values of the people.

What I like about these classes was the last class I had called Environmental Economics, explained to me in that class as many trash could be a very big business for others.

A Good Friend.....a good Tello!!!!

His name is Pablo .... but he said "Tello" or "Pablo Tello."

I've known him 11 years or so, when we were very young, unfortunately by the University and that both work, we do not see much. With Tello we are well because we share many tastes as music, biking, climbing hills, basketball, beer, and much more.

The qualities of Tello are the following .........(               )................. hahaha!

Tello is a good listener, although not very talkative, a good listener, listen to all the stupid things that I said, sometimes when we were kids we walked aimlessly for hours, the first beer I drink I went with him to take them , listened to music together and plays bass. We were also fans of video games, we played every afternoon, "Sonic the Hedgehog."

When we were a little older we went to parties but he was not going to parties, just invited him forever. The last few times we've gone has been to climb hills. With him go the earthquake in my house, we were well wasted ... we don't feel the movement!!!!!! ajkjakajakja!!!

Those were good days, it hurts that we do not get together much, today I'm going to look for us to practice a little basket.

I love the Earth, Water, Forests and Human Evil .... I love Geography!!!!

At a 2005 lunch with a fellow worker I knew it was the geography, I described the things that geographers were doing and the things that would get to do, I knew it was the landscape, the way you described and it was made up with the actions of human beings. I loved how geography unites the forces of nature and man developed to take advantage of them.

I do not regret having come to study this race despite all the shortcomings it has, I think they are offset by the large amount of knowledge that teaches us and the opportunity to specialize in virtually anything you want. What I like Geography is the ability to make a survey and check on the ground, talk to those involved in first person and know their concerns, can also see first-hand the damage that the evil men do to mother earth and see how you can help that will not continue happening.

For me personally I would like to specialize in economic geography because I find that it is an area little addressed in the university and how to get economic benefit to the natural landscape in a sustainable way for future work that will generate me much satisfaction, both intellectual and economic.

Travel to Pichilemu

This to has been one of the most interesting field trips I've had in my years of studying geography, it all began with the arrival and the choice of the huts where we were equipped, the cabins were well equipped, then with others We went to see site that has suffered damage to its coastal border Pichilemu, But we noticed that people had not been affected by the tsunami, I went walking along the coastline to Punta de Lobos, the waves were huge, had not many people on the beach.

The remaining days were for data collection and analysis of the situation in the state of the coast, at night we did a barbecue and party.

Sincerely in this trip I learned a lot about the state of order of the coast, it was actually more Pichilemu know that I did not know him, and unfortunately I do not like to live in Pichilemu, for I find this extremely isolated from major urban centers as Rancagua, due to difficult access to its coast.

lunes, 24 de mayo de 2010

The correction

Original Post:

My favourite free time activities are two principally, play football and go in my mountain bike to hills for then descent for non qualified paths, go down quickly in my bike produces adrenalin in me, great, sometimes I can fall me and injure me but the feeling is unique, amazing, crazy. Some weekends I go with friends to “San Cristobal" or "Colorado" hill to make descents or alone, when the place is the San Cristobal hill we go up fast why up it wait for us a fantastic and cold "mote con huesillos". it costs $600, some expensive but it was worth. After that, it comes the best.... the descent!. We can reach 50 to 60 km/h without make anything only thank to the slope.
The mountain bike begins to keep my attention when I was 14 years old. My father carried us with my brothers to hill all the Sunday in the morning , we put de bikes in the car and left. Since that time I loved the cycling so much so that all my money I invest it in the mountain bike. I want to make a great bike with the better tools. Now is working perfectly , I´m careful whit it and always wash it.

A "good" correction:

My favourite free time activities are two principally, play football and go in my mountain bike to make cross country. When I go down quickly in my bike, produces me adrenalin, sometimes I fall and I injure but the feeling is unique, amazing, a crazy. Some weekends I go with friends to “San Cristobal hill" or "Colorado hill" to make descents or sometimes I go alone, when we go to the San Cristobal hill we go up fast why we wait for us a fantastic and cold "mote con huesillos". it costs $600, some expensive but it was worth. After that, it comes the best.... the descent!. We can reach 50 to 60 km/h without make anything only thank to the slope.
The mountain bike begins to keep my attention when I was 14 years old. My father carried us with my brothers to hill all the Sunday in the morning , we put de bikes in the car and we left . Since that time I loved the cycling so much so that all my money I invest it in the mountain bike. I want to make a great bike with the better tools. Now is working perfectly , I care it and always wash it.

miércoles, 5 de mayo de 2010

The crazy world of Nico's Blogs

When I saw for a first time this blog, I said... This man "eat football, dream football" same to the propaganda of Coke. This man love the sports and specialy the english football clubs, he post in "In free time I like" about the mountain bike, this sport is very good and I am agree with him, I also practice this.
The Nico´s blog have a slideshow, is very funny, only show sports! In this post call "High-caliber films" he post about film casino royale...this is not a "high-caliber" film about me!, sorry Nico but a film "High-caliber" could be any film of the filmmaker John Woo for example:

In this film act Chow Yun Fat

Unfortunately this blog is a basic pattern of, I would like to Nico could change the design of this blog, for make more unique, for example chaing de wallpapper with a picture of a soccer ball..! for example.

Despite this, it is a good blog.


miércoles, 28 de abril de 2010

In my free time I like.....

When I have a free time, is very strange, In my bedroom plug the plug at the amplifier and switch on, I take my electric guitar and in my body fills of energy and fire and I play the music... With the music loud is better.

I like play songs of many bands, but lately I have tried play songs of "Tool", this is one of my favorite bands. Their lyrics are great, talk about the religiosity and of "the wasted world". Their lirics with my music produce a relax of all my spirit. Play guitar is for my the best for eliminate all the bad vibration, and feel better.

My guitar in the bedroom have a special place, is in a place were I can take rapidly and get to play. Another band that I play with my guitar since fourteen years old is "MetallicA", this is a band who accompanied me in my track list since ever. When my parent gave me my guitar, the first song that I played with "she" was "Motobreed", it a easy song but the rhythm is very agressor and heavy, sounds as trash metal!!!!!

The heavy metal is a form of accelerate you body as a drug but not be a drugged, the metal lets high, but with music.

jueves, 22 de abril de 2010

miércoles, 21 de abril de 2010

The clean skies by a volcano?

So because of the volcano Eyjafjallajökull in Iceland there has been more clean air, because no planes in the air go by this area , maybe it would be good to have more active volcanoes in the world ... although not that think it's good.


God lost the faith in the humans...!!!!

Because god is angry with us...?

The last film that I've seen was "Legion", maybe this film dont be the best film of the last year, but his history is a interesting, "the battle for the world against the angels".
The director of this film is Scott Stuard (This is your first big film) and the principal cast act: Paul Bettany(Dogville - Winbledon - The Da Vinci Code - Iron Man) , Paul Black, Kevin Durand (Lost - X- Men Origins).

The history passes in a out-road diner becomes the unlikely battleground for the survival of the human race. When God loses faith in humankind, he sends his legion of angels to bring on the Apocalypse. Humanity's only hope lies in a group of strangers trapped in a desert diner with the Archangel Michael (Bettany)

The history become in a second coming of the Chosen, the Archangel Michael must save a woman from the fury of the angels who want to kill his son, the chosen.

In this movie the angels are a demons...but I would have liked a longer story, which show completely the battle for the salvation of the human race.

Is a good movie, I recommend.

miércoles, 14 de abril de 2010

A Strange Night.....

The nigth of the first earthquake of my live was very move, at the three o'clock I was very legless whit my friends, for my lucky, in my home. The music has very good and all my friends was very happy. The sky was starry and at the half past three the ligth shutdown. I don't felt anything, but after a few seconds the earth began to roar...

Don't me scared, but my friends was very scary and some went mad, I try to help us bat the movement would don't let me move. Past the Earthquake I left my friends at home and then back home. My parents was very scared but my sister care them.

This day is a very important to my, first by this day I live my first earthquake and I was so wasted that did scary me and that helped me to help all my frind and my dear family.

This is it!

The Music of The Week....

By the Sword....(Slash feat Wolfmother)

miércoles, 7 de abril de 2010

The Radio.....the best technology in a catastrophe!!!

Nicola Tesla

Guillermo Marconi

They should not have the slightest idea of the contribution has been his invention, especially in this era in which many technologies better than the Radio. On 27 February this year maybe it was the day that best use the radio, since most of the "best technology" today stopped working that day, the only effective means of communication was the radio.

The Radio it is also a partner in the long trips, She put music in our ears and makes us forget the bad times. The radio is cheap and is accessible to all, there are radios and even radio batteries that do not use external power source only static. 

For this to my Radio is the best technology!

miércoles, 31 de marzo de 2010

War for territory ...Sepultura!!!!!

♪"Chaos a.d.

Tanks on the streets

Confronting police

Bleeding the plebs

Raging crowd

Burning cars

Bloodshed starts

Who'll be alive?!"

(Refuse and Resist)

Strong lyrics, which talk about politics (As "Los  Prisioneros" ... ja!), Violence, revolution, fight for territory and the roots of the South Americans is the topics of this Brazilian band. Formed by brothers Max and Igor Calavera (vocals and drums), Andreas Kisser (guitar) and Paulo Jr. (bass) ... (original lineup).

This band that plays rhythms that rotate between the metal Trash and ethnic music is recognized worldwide and the October 30, 2009 was for the last time in Chile play with Faith No More ............ 

.... And of course I was there watching them!

♪"for I am mars the god of war

and I will cut you down♪

(Orgasmatron - Motorhead Cover)

lunes, 29 de marzo de 2010

My First Concert

The first live concert I witnessed was Holland's band "The Gathering" at the time led by the lovely Anneke van Giersbergen, the concert took place at Teatro Providencia on the 24th of February 2004, the entry cost me $ 13,000 very cheap if compare with my current concerts.

The gathering is characterized by the mixture of rhythms from the Gothic to triprock metal. It was an excellent concert, my first contact with metalheads ...