martes, 9 de noviembre de 2010

Guns of my Imagination

When I was a Child, I played many games alone and with my little friends, but I preffer played alone... When I was a Child had much imagination, I dreamed with I was a soldier and fought with monster of anything that my brain imagined.
The name of my game could called of different ways but I prefer called “Play with Guns”... I was a very warlike when was a little boy. I like played with differents guns but I like more the guns with many light and sounds of war. The game consisted in shoot at differents targets “imaginary targets”.
I like the too much the movies and when I was a child I saw many “Spaghetti western movies” with my father, I belive that this pictures influenced me. Even now I like this movies, I like Clint Eastwood acts.
I don´t remember how often I played at guns (toy guns...jajajaja!) but I have a several memories of when I had five years, memories of my played with space weapons. I had two weapons with ligths and sounds, space sounds and red ligths. I remember too that I have a bad dog, this dog bit at everything that moved, once upon came to my house a little chicken and my bad dog bit the neck of the chicken and the chicken die. Then went into my house and take the black gun (I remember that was a black revolver, like Clint Eastwood) and shoot many time at the insane dog, and this die...(In my imagination).
My mother told me a few years ago that this dog died poisoned.

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