martes, 19 de octubre de 2010

An interview with God.

I ever had wish speak with the creator of all, the architect of life, of the good and bad, Alfa and Omega, the begin and the end. Well, I like know him because since ever I have had the dude about how all begin. May he be a giant, a colossus or maybe he is a luminous cloud, who knows!?

I would like talk with he about of how created the universe, animals, trees, water and the stupid humans. Really I don´t believe that he has created all. I don´t trust in his history, I think that all about of he is a lie, for that I´d like to meet. It would be nice to know for clarify the entire true.

Also I must asking about think him about different topics, something like the Palestine’s, Hinduism, Buddhism, that is what he thinks about the war, pedophilic popes and topics relations with a world that no need a good for live.

And if really God exist, the form to see the world and the others change? The form of relationships into others religions change too? In fact, the giant wars in the history of the humanity will be produce for the religion. Will God an illusion of all us for forget how we have made our own world?

What more interesting that knows that our creator in fact is an invention of ourselves, I think that make an interview at God is very crazy and insane, but will be the best form to know the unknown thinks by the most important person for almost all the religions in the world and other universes.

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