martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

I :@ Santiago

The place that a foreign should visit in this city are the big parks, for example the San Borja Park, this is a quiet place, and it is much hidden. Also are the Forestal Park, it is a crowded place and it is a busy place, but is very typical in this city.

Another place for visit in Santiago is the Santa Lucia and San Cristobal hills, walk for this surroundings, visit the square in the Santa Lucia summit or visit the zoo in the San Cristobal hill, go to the zoo for the elevator and then go up to the virgin in the summit. In this place looks wonderful city.


- LASTARRIAS WAY: This is a characteristic place with many coffee shops, a cinema, museums and shops of rare clothes.

- MUSEO DE BELLAS ARTES: This is a beautiful place for know the plastic arts of Chileans artistic and this museum are in the Forestal park, another place that should visit.

- MERCADO CENTRAL: In this place the foreign will found very places to eat typical sea food and places to get drunk.

- PLAZA DE ARMAS: Any tourist must visit the principal square of any town... 

- LAS PIPAS: This is the place wherein make the best Terremoto in Santiago, all wasted tourist must visit.

Santiago have many places to visit, many places, but this place are the most typical and probably when I visit other country will go to the same places.

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