martes, 12 de octubre de 2010

A Perfect Day

A perfect day must be a day with:

Music: "The music calm at the beast", every good day may be a daily soundtrack, that change with the own behavior. For example in my case when I wake up listen a energy music, as "Queens Of The Stone Age" or "Rage Againts The Machine"...this bands make me wake up very fast.

Food: "Stomach full, happy hearth", A good breakfast for start the the day is very important, a good lunch for the middle day and for finish the day a filling dinner is the way for stay happy all the day... at least like this I will be happy!

Environment: The world is a never-ending spiral, is my responsibility make a change and left behind the things that make me bad, the world is dirt and the people that live on it is worst... this topic make reference at go to a place free of the human dirt (not only this, as well the lie, cynic, hostility...).

Love: “Love is free, free is love” and ...”All you need is Love” ♫♫♫...The song of The Beatles explain all...

Friends: For make the day more happy, that's what friends are for. They convert the sad days in happy days they are fundamental in a perfect day, with they I can have all the thing that said previously.

Family: They understand the thing that I say, don’t turn away from me, my family is the core of my perfect day... depend of they and me, that my day are perfect.

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