miércoles, 16 de junio de 2010

I see the Chilean flag in the African sky, I see the reddest red shirts.

Today is a great day, today is the day in that Chile won his first match in a world cup at least almost a half century ago.

Today I waked up very early, at half past six at morning. I did a good breakfast. I saw the match with my little sister, she too did a breakfast for her. At seven half, the match started.

In the beginning Chile was more to Honduras, the collective play work very well, the pass between the players was great, the kick goal was amazing. Although in the first time the game of the "Roja" was very nervious, be seen on the form in that gave the passes, was much desperate and the players were eager to score a goal. For my the nerves demonstrated by the players was a most worst in the match.

The best player are "the wonder boy", Alexis Sanchez, he is the best player of this moment in Chile, but perhaps in a few days more he would be a best football player in the world, especially if we win the World Cup.

The worst played of this match was.................mmmm nothing!!! akjakja.

Not, I have to be critical, the worst played in the football team of Chile, was Millar, this participation was very poor, his change Jara, was better than Millar.

And finally, Chile should be a World Cup Champion because this football team have a football of quality and have the most important, the support and confidence of an entire people.

And long live Chile!!!

miércoles, 9 de junio de 2010

THE GANJAS........A cool band!!!!!

In the last months I dedicate so much time of "my time of music" to listen a band call " The Ganjas" they are chilean and this music is very cool.

They play a unique rhythm, is as psychodelic rock as Pink Floyd with a mixture of alternative rock, their guitar sound strong, their bass are very rhythmic and their drums are very sticky.

I like a song call "Sonic Rendemption" and "Trip in the Eye". And the only song in Spanish call "Frio ni Calor".... is a good song.

miércoles, 2 de junio de 2010

My best holiday

One of the best vacations I've had has been the trip to the region of Aysen, Patagonia is beautiful, its forests, lakes, clean air, glaciers, people, everything is very nice.

I went for vacation in February of 2009, visit many towns, but with which I want to stay is with Rio Tranquilo, in this town, this one of the most beautiful natural wonders of nature, marble caves, are the attraction is more precious than the General Carrera Lake.

To go to the caves is to take a boat leaving from the cove of the village, the village is small, only a couple of streets and wooden houses in the middle of town is a place that is very cute and a wooden church , makes you want to live there forever.

The caves are accompanied by the calypso-colored water, and these are reflected in the walls of the caves, is a spectacle. Go by boat to the caves is dangerous after noon as the wind flows from the glaciers that surround the lake, the return trip is quite a journey but worth it !!!!!

I do not know all Chile, but I think it's impossible for someone who engages in it, but I think the marble caves are one of the most beautiful places in Chile.

Economic Geography

This is the theme that I liked geography, are taught four semesters and two teachers, Francisco Morales and Juan Espinoza.

While economics is a broad social science, geography specifies all issues related to the environment and how to get more profits from natural resource extraction, but in a sustainable manner. At first cost me understand how it operates geography, but with time and the proper study I realized that science is capable of generating a lot of analysis with classical geography can not be done, you can even look up the movement and human capital flows in space.

Can quantitatively analyze many things, but the fun of this is that social science from qualitative data can be generated mathematically quantifiable data can be analyzed graphs with information of what they value people and express them in numbers to give a value to the values of the people.

What I like about these classes was the last class I had called Environmental Economics, explained to me in that class as many trash could be a very big business for others.

A Good Friend.....a good Tello!!!!

His name is Pablo .... but he said "Tello" or "Pablo Tello."

I've known him 11 years or so, when we were very young, unfortunately by the University and that both work, we do not see much. With Tello we are well because we share many tastes as music, biking, climbing hills, basketball, beer, and much more.

The qualities of Tello are the following .........(               )................. hahaha!

Tello is a good listener, although not very talkative, a good listener, listen to all the stupid things that I said, sometimes when we were kids we walked aimlessly for hours, the first beer I drink I went with him to take them , listened to music together and plays bass. We were also fans of video games, we played every afternoon, "Sonic the Hedgehog."

When we were a little older we went to parties but he was not going to parties, just invited him forever. The last few times we've gone has been to climb hills. With him go the earthquake in my house, we were well wasted ... we don't feel the movement!!!!!! ajkjakajakja!!!

Those were good days, it hurts that we do not get together much, today I'm going to look for us to practice a little basket.

I love the Earth, Water, Forests and Human Evil .... I love Geography!!!!

At a 2005 lunch with a fellow worker I knew it was the geography, I described the things that geographers were doing and the things that would get to do, I knew it was the landscape, the way you described and it was made up with the actions of human beings. I loved how geography unites the forces of nature and man developed to take advantage of them.

I do not regret having come to study this race despite all the shortcomings it has, I think they are offset by the large amount of knowledge that teaches us and the opportunity to specialize in virtually anything you want. What I like Geography is the ability to make a survey and check on the ground, talk to those involved in first person and know their concerns, can also see first-hand the damage that the evil men do to mother earth and see how you can help that will not continue happening.

For me personally I would like to specialize in economic geography because I find that it is an area little addressed in the university and how to get economic benefit to the natural landscape in a sustainable way for future work that will generate me much satisfaction, both intellectual and economic.

Travel to Pichilemu

This to has been one of the most interesting field trips I've had in my years of studying geography, it all began with the arrival and the choice of the huts where we were equipped, the cabins were well equipped, then with others We went to see site that has suffered damage to its coastal border Pichilemu, But we noticed that people had not been affected by the tsunami, I went walking along the coastline to Punta de Lobos, the waves were huge, had not many people on the beach.

The remaining days were for data collection and analysis of the situation in the state of the coast, at night we did a barbecue and party.

Sincerely in this trip I learned a lot about the state of order of the coast, it was actually more Pichilemu know that I did not know him, and unfortunately I do not like to live in Pichilemu, for I find this extremely isolated from major urban centers as Rancagua, due to difficult access to its coast.